World Effects

In the camera space, all objects are already added to the scene, becoming children. They are children of the camera in the scene panel. They are in camera space and move with the movement of the device. To access the camera space, you would select the camera in the scene panel. Which highlights the rectangles in the viewport blue. The smaller rectangle means the mobile device. The larger rectangle is what is in the view of the camera. It becomes world space when an object is not a child of the camera anymore. Now the object can be placed in a certain location in somebody’s environment. By selecting an object and taking it to the scene panel, at the bottom will move it out of world space. To position an object in world space, you would use manipulators in the viewport. To preview an object in world space, you can use the simulator to simulate the movement of the device. Moving an object into world space will activate the device's motion capability. Leaving the device motion in place can easily limit the number of mobile devices it will work on so remove it if you would rather work in camera space.

Target Tracker in World Affects

Target tracker works with world effects when the camera point at a real-world target. In the target tracker, the world affects tutorials it covers the understanding of some topics. To begin the background. In this part, the background will fit the shape in the center. The background includes two meshes. The concave-shaped mesh and the flat shape mesh. The flat mesh will be the occluder. Which will be in front and hide other parts that you don’t want to be shown in the scene. With many other steps, we created the background. Then it’s time to add the robot. Adding the animation with the animation playback controller can set how it plays. With the loop set to continuously it plays continuously. With all this information I have gained from the target tracking I would probably use this in the catalyst project if we wanted a floating avatar of some sort.

Plane Tracker

The plane tracker is used to place 3D objects into environments. All it needs is a horizontal surface to appear. While the surface is detected, the children of it will show up. With only one plane tracker, you can add many objects that respond to that plane tracker. Plane trackers only work on a device back camera, not the front. While this is the case, the simulator will change to an environment on the back camera rather than the front showing a face. The plane tracker has a few properties including layer, visible, autostart, transformations, and enable. To use a layer, you click the dropdown menu to adjust which layer. To use visible, uncheck the box to stop the plane tracker and children from rendering. To use autostart, you check its box to find a plane in real-world space. To use transformations, you can’t change the properties because it is not an object. Enables for basically just sets camera-specific visibility.

Best Practices

Not every image is a good target so be sure it has the following features.

High Contrast: High tonal contrast, no pastels, black and white work.

High Resolution: 300 by 300 pixels.

Sharp Details: No smooth or soft edges, lots of gradients.

Asymmetrical patterns/ compositions: No symmetry or repeated patterns.

Complex Images: No repeating patterns. Also high contrast and sharper details.

Flat surfaces: No curved surfaces

Clear Target Shapes: Images with depth and not easily seen items can resort to distortion.

No blank space or Transparency.

Good Placement: Movie poster or cereal box.

Bad Placement: Highway billboard

Target Markers

With target tracking, target marking is beneficial. Showing it until an image is detected is the best way. This helps let the effect know what the target will look like in the world. The target marker is two textures. A semi-transparent preview and Spark AR texture. Patches in the patch editor make the target marker go away when the target is found.,the%20center%20of%20the%20scene.&text=Camera%20space%20is%20the%20coordinate,is%20at%20the%20object's%20manipulator.



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