Emergent Final Reflection

Ashley Rust
2 min readDec 7, 2020


What I Learned and Could Have Done Better?

I learned many things about myself throughout the quarter working on projects. I learned that it is easier to take things step by step rather than as a whole. I would find myself easily stressed sometimes, but I found if I took a step back and worked on things one by one it was easier.

What worked, what didn’t work in terms of course assignments/material?

Giving myself only a short amount of time to do things did not work at all. But giving myself several things to complete steps of an assignment worked better overall. It is easier to ask for help than to struggle. I would be afraid to ask questions at certain times, but once I sent the message and got the answers I needed everything flowed a lot better.

What would you add/take away?

I would add more hands-on work because that is how I learn the best. I would also add more research projects to find AR, VR and MR. But then in class be able to use some of those. It was cool to learn and read about them but to be able to actually use them is very helpful. The google cardboard assignment was very beneficial in this sense.

What was the best part of the class?

Being able to talk and work with others in a group project. I felt less alone and more active within the class. It felt good to be social again in times of the pandemic. Learning with others is the best form of learning rather than learning alone. I love collaborating with ideas and thoughts.

What was the worst part of the class?

When there were technical difficulties with downloading some things. It was nobody's fault and those problems typically were resolved quickly. When something does not work and I can’t move forward is when I get stressed.

One experience during this class that brought you joy, delight, and/or contentment?

Working on the tutorials and seeing the final project was so fulfilling. I enjoyed it a lot. Getting feedback was always nice as well because I could apply those thoughts to future assignments and work better from there.