Chapter 8: Understanding Light Missed Questions

Ashley Rust
2 min readJan 12, 2022


14. If f8 at 1/250th of a second will give you the correct exposure, which one of the following will also give you the correct exposure level?

I got this wrong because I completely guessed. After researching the question I found that between each stop lets in the same amount of light. So 1 stop on the aperture scale corresponds to 1 stop on the shutter speed scale. So therefore if the camera selected for example F 5.6 and I wanted F 11 that would be a full two stops smaller. So to keep a correct exposure I would need to change the shutter speed by two stops larger. So making the correct exposure level f11 at 1/125th of a second.

19. On a full-frame 35mm DSLR camera, which of the following lenses would be best for portrait work?

I thought 35 mm was the best, but the correct answer is 85 mm. 85 mm is generally good for a more wide variety of portraits this one provides a wider angle to get everything into the frame.

20. What is the color temperature of daylight at noon on a clear day and also the common color temperature of flash/strobe light?

I looked this one up and the correct answer is 5,600 kelvins. I answered 4000 just based on a guess.

24. If you used a DSLR camera in full automatic mode and attempted to take a photograph of a black cat sat in front of a jet-black wall, what would be the likely result of the image?

For my answer, I said it would accurately calculate the exposure. After thinking about it and trying to take a similar photo. The picture would overall be under-exposed and you would not be able to see either the background or the cat.